Best Classes in Perth and suburbs

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Make make your holiday here truly memorable by taking a class or two with some of these culinary experts. You'll not only learn to prepare some wonderful dishes but you'll get to eat it and be able to cook it at home too!

Many of these classes are conducted by chefs and cooks who are reputed to be among the best in WA. A wide repertoire of cuisines is taught such as Modern Australian, European and Asian. Some classes specifically teach you how to make items such as desserts, pastries, bread and pies while others train you in specific cooking techniques; yet others will show you how to prepare food based on certain philosophies for example, Raw Food, Whole Food, Slow Food, Gluten Free and more.So if you're been inspired by your scrumptious meals in WA's restaurants and the wonderful local produce and specialty food stores here, then why not complete your gastronomic adventure by signing up for a couple of classes? This might just turn out to be the best experience of your trip here.