Weather Overview


Summer: December - February

Autumn: March - May

Winter: June - August

Spring: September - November

Above: Fields of gold; spring in New Norcia

WA Weather Tips

In general, the dry and cooler months of the year (May to October) are ideal for visiting the tropical northern part of WA,the North West, as the wet season (November to April), which often brings floods and cyclones would have passed by then. The northern parts can also be extremely hot during summer when temperatures tend to soar. For some adventurous travellers, being able to witness firsthand Mother Nature's unleashing of spectacular lightning storms and roaring waterfalls, would be reason enough for them to explore the Far North during this time. However, it would be good to note that road conditions are extremely unpredictable due to the extreme weather and consequently road closures are common during this time.

The temperate southern part of WA (the South West and the southern coast of the Golden Outback) is best visited in the warmer months (September to May) and particularly during spring when the stunning wildflower season is in full force. The southern parts receive a considerable amount of rain during winter and the coastal areas can be windy and cold at this time but the WA winter is generally mild compared to most European countries experience.

The Coral Coast and Perth City and its Surrounds enjoy pleasant and mild Mediterranean weather throughout much the year; summer is dry and hot while winter can be wet and cool. Summer can bring the occasional heat wave.

The best time to visit the Golden Outback, particularly the central and desert areas, is spring and autumn as summer daytime temperatures can be extremely hot while winter nights can be very cold.