Best Specialty Burgers and Snags Restaurants in Fremantle

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Specialty burgers and snags are made from good quality ingredients that are creatively prepared and put together. They often come with a variety of sauces and potato chips that will satisfy your hunger.

So what exactly are specialty burgers and snags? Well, just imagine the juiciest, meatiest burger or sausage lovingly sandwiched by two toasted peices of ciabatta bread or gourmet sourdough bun and packed with ingredients such as brie or camembert cheese, tasty cheddar or fried free range egg, crispy bacon or smoked ham, red pepper chilli relish or cranberry sauce, pickled red onions or grilled wild mushrooms,,,the permutations are endless.Top quality meat is often used in the burgers such as prime beef, lamb and free range chicken. Delicious vegetarian options are usually available. These are often made from chickpeas, tofu or beans. Even carnivores would approve. Some places also provide gluten free bread and rolls upon request.LOCAL TIP: The Aussie vernacular (slang) for sausage is 'snag'. Snags are served in a similar manner to Hotdogs - that is nestled in a warm and soft bun. Yum!