Best Modern Australian Restaurants in Perth and suburbs

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Modern Australian cuisine refers to the fascinating fusion of traditional Aussie food and the flavours, produce and cooking styles of many countries from all over the world. It's certainly one exciting cuisine worth trying.

With the previous waves of migrants who came to WA from all over the globe, Aussies began to appreciate the diversity of foods introduced by the many newcomers. The influences of Italian and South East Asian cuisines are two of the most predominant ones in Modern Aussie food. Other notable influences include those from Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, India, China and Japan.So what would be a good example of a Modern Aussie dish? Well, imagine some beautifully barbecued marron (a local crayfish) served with a tangy and slightly spicy Thai style dipping sauce. How about some fragrant fish and chips ala Moroccan style? The combinations are endless and every chef will have his or her own innovative twist on traditional Aussie fare.LOCAL TIP: Perth and its surrounds have many award winning restaurants in this category. However another important area that is on every foodie's map is the world renowned Margaret River Region. Here you'll also find many excellent restaurants that serve Modern Aussie fare. Bon Appetit!

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