Best Pubs Bars and Taverns in Perth

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Pubs, bars and taverns can be found all over WA. Practically every town and almost every Perth suburb will have its own neighbourhood gathering spot where the locals meet up to drink, relax and catch up on the latest news.

WA's pubs, bars and taverns come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from upmarket establishments that serve specialty alcoholic drinks and a mouth watering array of gourmet dishes, to your friendly neighbourhood ones that cater for both kids and adults alike. Some of these listed here have fantastic waterfront views too. So why not head down to one of these nighspots and enjoy the ambience while relaxing with a drink in your hand?LOCAL TIP: Please appoint someone from your group to be the driver so that the rest of you can drink and NOT drive. Remember, WA has very strict laws on this and if you're caught drink driving, you'll face severe penalties. Please read our page on Driving in Perth for more information.