Best Thai Restaurants in Perth

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Many Perthians love spicy food as can be seen by the Thai restaurants that dot the city and its suburbs.Thais are experts at enhancing the freshness of local produce with an intoxicating combo of flavours that will make you salivate and want more.

The 4 Ss that make up the central flavours of Thai cooking are namely salty, sweet, sour and spicy. The saltiness comes from the use of fish or soy sauce, the sweetness from sugar, the tartness is from the addition of local lime or tamarind juice or vinegar and finally, the liberal use of chillis pack a potent punch to make Thai food the heady, flavoursome cuisine that it is. Good Thai chefs all know how to create a harmonious balance of these flavours so that one does not overpower the other. Thai food may appear deceptively simple but in reality it has a complexity that few non Thais are aware of. Thais are big on the use of fresh herbs and spices. They love adding aromatic ingredients such as fresh ginger, lemon grass, Thai basil, cilantro, mint and kaffir lime leaves.LOCAL TIP: You can ask the restaurant to adjust the spiciness of your dish. Just request for it to be mild, abit spicy (what you typically get in most Aussie Thai restaurants) or very, very spicy (Real Thai food). A word of warning - the last one is truly hot!

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