Best Chinese Restaurants in Perth

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Most of Perth's Chinese restaurants serve Cantonese style dishes which originate from the southern regions of mainland China and Hong Kong. However you might find that some restaurants also have dishes that hail from other parts of China.

Cantonese cooking tends to be relatively more robust in flavour but eschewing the fieriness of Szechuan cooking. The Cantonese are well known for their world famous 'Char Siew' (BBQ Pork) ,'Siew Yok' (Roast Pork Meat) and 'Siew Arp' (Roast Duck).If a table laden with many different small dishes is what you're after, then why not try one of the 'Yumcha' restaurants listed here? The Cantonese use the term 'Yumcha' to literally mean 'drink tea' but this phrase carries a deeper significance. Typically, 'Yumcha' means to have an enjoyable meal with your family and friends while drinking tea and eating a variety of dishes that are served on small platters; these Chinese Tapas are collectively known as 'Tim Sum' or 'Dim Sum' depending on pronounciation . Many Chinese families in cities all over the world, will usually gather for 'Yumcha' at brunch or lunch time on Sundays.LOCAL TIP: these eateries get very crowded during the weekend, especially those located in Northbridge also known as 'Chinatown' so do book your table beforehand.