Best Singaporean and Malaysian Restaurants in Perth and suburbs

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Singaporeans and Malaysians are known for their passion, bordering on an obsession, with their food. It's no wonder that with so many people from these two countries settling here, Perth has its fair share of these authentic ethnic eateries.

Whether you have a craving for some fluffy roti prata (crispy, thin, flat Indian bread) to go with your tasty bowl of curry or a serving of aromatic Hainanese Chicken Rice, 's list of eateries will help lead your stomach to a satisfying meal. Other world famous dishes from this part of the world include; Singapore Chili Crab, Nasi Lemak (white rice cooked in coconut milk and served with a variety of condiments), green leafy vegetables cooked in a spicy sambal sauce, Beef Rendang curry, Satay (skewered meat marinated in spices and then barbecued over a charcoal fire and served with peanut sauce) plus a myriad of noodle based dishes that are simply too many to name!LOCAL TIP: Some of these Indian and Malay restaurants also cater for Halal (Muslim) dietary needs and everyone is most welcome to try their delicious fare.