Best Pizza - Pasta Restaurants in Fremantle

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Of all the countless Italian dishes that exist, pizza and pasta must be the two most well known ones. So if you're craving for a slice of thin, crispy pizza oozing with melted cheese or an aromatic plate of pasta, then come in!. has put together this selection of both gourmet and neighbourhood pizza joints for your dining pleasure. Gourmet pizza joints often offer combiinations of top grade toppings like specialty cheeses, fresh herbs, roasted veggies, kalamata olives, prawns, fresh mushrooms, smoked salmon, and Italian sausages or ham. Vegetarian options are usually available. Some places provide gluten free dough bases and sauces. Our favourites are Pizza Quattro Formaggi, which is a pizza made up of 4 different cheeses, and Pizza Bianca, a very thin and delicious tomato-less pizza covered with fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil and sea salt.Besides noodle like shapes, pasta can take many other forms like tubes,spirals, ribbons, flat sheets, shells, bows and rice grains. Pasta is cooked in a variety of flavourings and sauces such as carbonara, marinara, bolognaise and vongole.LOCAL TIP: Order a couple of pizzas and some pasta to take away for a picnic in beautiful Kings Park. Enjoy...

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