Best Animals and Nature in Perth and suburbs

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Whether you're an animal lover or wildflower enthusiast, a budding botanist or an established biologist, WA's flora and fauna will amaze you. This vast state, its islands and the Indian Ocean is home to countless species and many are unique to WA.

WA has more than 70 national parks and during the wildflower season (from June to November) more than 12,000 species dot and splash significant areas of the state with both vibrant and subtle colours. Over 60% of these species are unique to WA and cannot be found elswhere. Kings Park, Reabold Park and Wireless Hill are some excellent places to explore within Perth when the wildflowers bloom. And much further afield, from Broome in the north to Albany in the south, you'll find each region will have its own unique species and slightly different flowering seasons.If spending a day out in the Indian Ocean is more your thing, then book a whalewatching cruise or swim with a playful pod of dolphins. We guarantee a most memorable trip! If you prefer to remain on terra firma, then how about a day at Caversham Wildlife Park or the Perth Zoo? Or maybe walk under the sea at AQWA and be amazed by the fish swimming above and around you? You'll find that with all these natural wonders, WA is truly a naturalist's dream holiday.