Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Perth

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Perth team

Vietnamese food is extremely popular with Aussies. Most restaurants in Perth focus on noodle and rice dishes, soups, spring rolls and meat dishes. Like Thai food, Vietnamese cuisine is enthusiastic in its use of fresh herbs and spices.

Good Vietnamese cookiing usually requires the following elements to be in place: fresh ingredients that are simply prepared and briefly cooked to preserve the original integrity of the produce, the liberal use of fresh herbs and vegetables, very little oil unless deepfrying is required and an array of fresh condiments such as mint leaves, bean sprouts, lemon slices and fresh sliced chili . Another important component of Vietnamese cuisine is the many flavoursome soups that are available in practically every restaurant.Contemporary Vietnamese cuisine is an wonderful fusion of many influences like tradtional Vietnamese food, Chinese, French, Thai, Cambodian and Eastern European. Popular dishes include grilled meats, stir-fried vegetables, roast duck, curries, stews, fresh spring rolls, congee (porridge), crispy chicken with rice, broken rice, the ubiquitous pho (a beef or chicken based stock served with noodles and meat), bread and buns.LOCAL TIP: Many Vietnamese restaurants are located in the Northbridge area so do book ahead.

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