WA Quick Facts

Size of Perth 6100 sq km
Size of WA 2.5 million sq km (1/3 of Australia)
Population of Perth 1.8 million
Population of WA 2.35 million (11% of Australia's population)
Main Language English
Main Religion Christianity
Currency Australian Dollar ($AUD)  100 cents = 1 dollar
WA's main revenue earners Mining, agriculture and tourism
Gross State Product (2011-12) $99,065 (Product per capita)
Electricity 240 volts
Driving Left-hand side
Time zone AWST (GMT +8) - Click here for local time in Perth (no daylight saving)
International telephone code +61 (Australia), +618 (Perth)
Government Constitutional monarchy with Governor General and Prime Minister
Established as Swan River Colony 1829
Became a state of Australia 1901
State Faunal (Bird) Emblem Black Swan
State Floral Emblem Red and Green Kangaroo Paw
State Faunal (Animal) Emblem Numbat
State Fossil Emblem Gogo Fish
State Colours Gold and Black
State Slogan State of Excitement
Most Popular sports Australian Rules Football (AFL 'Footy'), Cricket, Soccer and Netball