Perth Airport Information

Perth Airport has one international terminal (T1) and two domestic terminals (T2 and T3).  T2 and T3 are housed in one large building. The terminals are all located approximately half an hour from Perth City centre. T1 handles all international flights from at least 77 destinations served by 37 airlines such as Emirates, Jetstar, China Southern Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas and many more.  T2 is operated by Qantas and is the dedicated Qantas terminal for their domestic operations; all domestic Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar flights arrive and depart here. T3 is operated by Westralia Airports Corporation and all non Qantas domestic flights arrive and depart here. Airlines such as Skywest, Virgin Blue, Alliance Airlines and Strategic use T3. Perth Airport also includes several smaller terminals for charter services and flights to and from specific regional areas in WA. These regional terminals are located along Valentine Road, Newton Road and Fauntleroy Avenue.


Peak hour at the airports occur when several large capacity aircraft arrive within a very short time of each other. This results in congestion at immigration/passport control, customs/quarantine and baggage collection. This often happens just after midnight and results in a longer wait for everything including taxis. For families travelling with young children, it's a good idea to have your stroller handy so that the little one can sleep or rest when you're in the queue.  Also try to have a couple of small toys to keep them occupied and amused.


The quarantine services employ sniffer dogs to sniff out drugs, food and other restricted items. So please declare all restricted and potentially restricted items that you carry in on the arrival cards.  If you're not sure, it's best to just check with the officers on duty. The officers will  check the card that you're filled in and ask what you have brought.  It's best to be honest as some items might be allowed in and you may be waved through.  For more details on restricted items please see the AQIS website.




You can catch the CONNECT buses which offer two way transfers between the airport and Perth city/ Fremantle. The CONNECT shuttle kiosk and bus stop are located on the left, just outside the front entrance of T1. The kiosk is a small silver coloured booth and the staff will help you with your enquiries and bookings. If the kiosk is closed, then you can get your ticket directly from the bus driver. The bus timetables are all prominently displayed at the front of the kiosk. The bus stop is directly opposite the kiosk.  At the domestic terminals, the CONNECT kiosk  is located outside T3, next to the taxi ranks and the bus stop is just opposite the kiosk.
Taxis are also available at the covered taxi ranks which are situated on the ground floor of T1 and T2/T3. The T1 taxi rank is located on the left side of the building as you walk out through the  front entrance. The taxi rank that serves both T2 and T3 can be found outside T3, next to the CONNECT bus kiosk.
Public bus service 37 operates daily between the domestic terminals and a few locations within Perth city and some suburbs. Please click on this link for details regarding its route and timetable. There is no public service for T1. However you can use the CONNECT bus services mentioned above.


The CONNECT shuttle services are available from their website. Fares from Perth International Airport to the city range from A$18 one way per person to A$55 return per family. Children younger than 5 travel free and those under 15 have a student concession of A$8 for a one-way ticket. Fares to Fremantle will cost about double.



Fares are approximately A$40 one way to Perth city and A$60 to Fremantle. Taxis charge by the meter according to time and distance and they operate 24 hours a day. Information about taxi services is available from the Taxi Council of Western Australia. 




Both Long term and Short Term parking are available and rates will vary. It is best to refer to the airport website which has a parking fare calculator for your use. Parking fees are payable by cash (notes and coins) as well as EFTPOS (various credit and debit cards accepted).

A free Long Term Car Park bus service is available for all passengers who park in the Long Term Parking areas at the International and Domestic Terminals. The buses depart every 10 mintes 24 hours a day. Wait at the biright orange bus shelters for your bus.





These are located near the the parking fee payment machines in the Short Term Parking located just outside T1.


The pick up point is located directly outside T1 but on the outside lane just after the zebra crossing. Private cars may drop passengers off on the inside lane but they are not permitted to pick up passengers there. This is a tow-away zone patrolled by airport security.



It is a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport for your departing flight. International flights require passengers to check in two hours before the departure time (90 minutes if you have done a web check-in).  There is often traffic congestion on the roads leading to T1 in the afternoon especially on Horrie Miller Drive.  This is usually due to commercial goods vehicles making their way to and from the airport warehousing facilities.  Some congestion has been relieved by the opening of a new road link that connects Tonkin Highway with Dunreath Drive; this link is a few kilometers from Horrie Miller Drive. It would be wise to give yourself at least one hour to get to the airport if you are coming from the city. Allow more time if you are staying further away.



The Perth Airport website provides up to date information on flight arrival and departure time as well as live flight tracking information.


Perth Airport offers a free Terminal Transfer bus service that serves passengers who need to get from one terminal to another. To catch the bus, wait at the bus stop which is situated at the front of T1 near the arrivals area. The bus will pick up  all T2 and T3 passengers from the front of the Qantas Terminal at T2 . The bus ride between T1 and T2/3 will take about 8 minutes. Please click here for the Terminal Transfer Bus timetable.


Many of the major car rental companies such as Avis, Budget, Hertz, Europcar, Redspot and Thrifty have customer service desks located on the ground floor of T1, T2 and T3.


There are several taxes that all passengers have to pay such as the departure tax (A$47), the fuel surcharge and airservices and fire fighting charges. However these are all already included in your airfare so there are no additional taxes to be paid when you enter or leave Perth Airport.


If you are a planespotting enthusiast or simply want to enjoy a unique near runway experience of watching planes land and take off in an openair environment, then we recommend that you visit Perth Airport's newly opened public viewing platform. This is free to all members of the public and is accessible via Dunreath Drive, which links the International and Domestic Terminals. The viewing platform is located about half way along Dunreath Drive and is signposted. You'lll find avid planespotters, photography buffs and families with children taking in the view of the planes landing and departing from Perth Airport's main runway 03/21. A wide variety of aircraft use the runway and if you're lucky, you might just be able to see a rare type of aricraft there. The platform is is specially designed to reflect the history of both the airport and aviation. There is informative signage posted along the platform. The viewing area is open everyday from 6.30am to 7pm (October to March) and 7.30am to 5.30pm (April to September). Please note that due to certain weather conditions, planes may sometimes use alternative runways instead of the main runway 03/21. Happy Planespotting!