Regional Overview 2

WA is the largest state on the Australian continent and it occupies approximately one third of this huge island. From Kununurra in the north to Albany in the south, Rottnest Island in the west to Eucla in the east, lies 2.5m sq km of some of  the most breathtaking landscape and unique flora and fauna found in the world.

(Left: Lucky Bay, Esperance. Copyright: Tourism Western Australia)

(Below: Seafood platter with rock lobster.)

With only about 2.2 million people living in this huge state, you'll find that even the best beaches and most accessible attractions are often uncrowded and a pleasure to wander around.


Here are some highlights of a truly Western Australian holiday:

Sunshine and warmth!
Friendly, easygoing people
Relaxed and laidback pace
Delicious, fresh local produce 
Gourmet food
Wine tasting at vineyards

(Below: Sturt Pea wildflower.)

Sampling boutique beers at micro-breweries
Wide open spaces with hardly anyone else around
Stunning, pristine, white sand beaches
Spectacular scenery
Fantastic geographical features
Unique wildlife and plants

Experience the Real Outback
Learn about indigenous culture and art>
Loads of fun and adrenalin pumping adventure

(Below right: Swimming with the whale shark, Ningaloo Marine Park. Copyright: Tourism Western Australia.)

And doing wonderful things that you've never done before like:

Diving with the world's largest fish - the gentle whale shark, snorkelling with the graceful manta ray, swimming with dolphins, sleeping under the stars next to your cosy campfire, watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon over the Avon Valley, gazing in wonder at 51 statues on a vast glittering salt plain in the middle of nowhere, gasping in awe at Nature's 'staircase to the moon', riding a camel into the sunset on beautiful Cable Beach, chasing the shadows on a full moon night at the Pinnacles, flying over the World Heritage listed striped beehive shaped Bungle Bungles Range, walking on an entire beach of shells, wandering through the treetops of an ancient forest of giant trees, catching a boat to watch the migrating humpback whales and seeing them breech.... the list goes on!

(Left: Feeding the dolphin, Shark Bay Marine Park. Copyright: Tourism Western Australia.)





(Below: Relaxing with a bottle of wine at Bungle Bungles Ranges. Copyright: Tourism Western Australia.)

So .... what are you waiting for? Come on, jump in now and be amazed!

To help you get to the important stuff faster, the massive state of WA has been divided into 5 distinct tourist regions:

The Coral Coast
The South West
The North West
The Golden Outback

And here are some initial travel tips to help you get started on your WA Adventure:

The key to having a wonderful holiday in regional WA is to decide which tourist regions you really want to explore (click on your chosen region above), what you really want to do (Things to Do), where you really want to go (Attractions) and then check out the weather to see if your destination will be suitable for the period you plan to travel. Due to WA's sheer size, seasonal weather can vary drastically from one region to another (see Seasons and Weather Tips).

Another important tip is not to underestimate the time needed to travel from one destination to another. It's best to explore this enormous state at a laidback pace and travellers would do well to plan their journey by taking into consideration distances and travel time estimates.

Now sit back, relax .... read on ....... and enjoy!